How To Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

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Overview. Painting kitchen cabinets is, like any painting job, a simple task. But mastering the perfect glassy finish is all in the prep work. Before brush ever hits wood, there has to be a lot of time devoted to getting the surface ready to accept paint. The right prep, primer, and paint can transform the look of your cupboards—and your entire cook space—without busting the budget I wrote this “how to paint your kitchen cabinets (like a pro)” tutorial after painting my own kitchen cabinets. I have since quit my corporate job and started a small business painting cabinets and furniture, so this tutorial has become somewhat of a living document, based upon loads of research, experience and practice. Yes, it seems strange to have “clean up” in the middle of the process, but the sanding is the only truly messy part of the process. You want to set up a separate space to sand, prime and paint your doors and drawers, so at this point you can clean up your kitchen of the dust (this is good to so you don’t get dust into your fresh paint.) Painting cabinets is a messy job, and the last thing you want is paint all over your countertops as you learn how to paint kitchen cabinets. An easy way to protect your countertops, backsplash and floor is to cover them with inexpensive rosin or brown builder’s paper. 5 Best Paint Sprayers for Cabinets – Reviews 1. Wagner 0529010 Flexio 590 Airless – Top Pick. A paint sprayer that can be used easily indoors or outdoors, the Wagner Flexio 590 is a versatile tool that can be used on many different projects. .

So guys here it is at last, I know some of you have been poking me to share the whole “how to paint your kitchen cabinets” process.Well, it took me almost as long to type each step out, as it actually did to paint the cabinets, kidding, but I’m so thrilled with the results which I have mentioned over and over again.Transforming your kitchen cabinets is so worth the labour if you are Sand* + Prime. After removing the hardware, we recommend that the cabinets be thoroughly cleaned with a good cleaner degreaser to remove all grease and oils that normally buildup on kitchen cabinetry over time. As you may remember from this post (where I painted the insides of my cabinets with chalkboard paint), I mentioned that I had just re-painted my cabinets. That was true. When we first moved into this house, the kitchen cabinets had already been painted. It was the worst paint job ever. EVAH. To DIY or not to DIY? That is the question. That is almost always the question. You can certainly paint your kitchen cabinets yourself. As long as you know that it’s a labor- and time-intensive job that, if done wrong, can be a pretty big screwup. .